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60hz vs 144hz vs 240hz reddit gaming

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. . Though, 144hz is still great if you’re coming from 60hz, 144hz will feel like a different world. The difference between 240hz and 144hz has diminishing returns compared with going from 60hz to 144hz and the gain in detail from the resolution is a far more noticeable upgrade. Aug 9, 2023 · One of the major reasons why people haven’t dived headfirst into the 240Hz monitor trend is that the difference between these two refresh rates is far less startling than the jump from 60Hz to 144Hz. Totalrock123 • 8 mo. . . For the last 8 years I've had a dual 27" 2K 60Hz Setup. 165hz vs 240hz. 240Hz 2560x1440 vs 144Hz 4K. The difference between 165 and 240 will be very small. . . If slightly serious about your FPS gaming once you go 240Hz you won't want to go back to 144Hz. 1440p if you want graphics, things to look good have a powerful PC, its a huge step up from 1080p in terms of visual stimulation. Get the 240 or 300Hz screens. For 144hz, see Gigabyte 4K or LG 27GN950-B. [deleted] • 1 yr. It's going to be such a great sweet spot for the 3080. For single player games an 60hz is pretty good. . . In terms of noticing the difference between 60hz and 240hz, it will be immense. rtings. It will help you in various ways. The thing is, 240Hz does give you a different sense of smoothness, especially in desktop when simply moving the mouse etc. Other people here say they can distinguish between 165hz and 200hz. 60 to 120 is big, 120 to 144 is small, 144 to 165 is something you probably won't even notice. . This has nothing to do with "we don't see much beyond x refresh rate", it has to do with the fact that refresh rates don't scale linearly. . . . For video playback, 120hz has a benefit over 144hz. 60Hz has (1000/60=) about 17ms, 144Hz has (1000/144=) about 7ms, 240Hz has (1000/240=) about 5ms. The brain will get used and adapted pretty fast even at 30fps. I went from 144hz to 240hz because my BenQ xl2411 only took DVI for 144hz and 2000 series and higher Nvidia cards don't have DVI anymore. Gaming. ago. Almost all videos you watch on any platform will be either 24, 25, 30 or 60 fps depending on the content type. ". Unless you have a 12900k , and even then, it's not happening. As the screen gets larger you need a higher resolution to maintain your ppi. Not best for fast paced gaming but usually can be found on good sales. . Im sure all the Elite players (top tier players) are playing on 240hz displays, the game has been out for years and these succesful players upgraded all their setup. . ago. PS5 can't run any proper games at 4K 120 so unless you play competitive games at 1080p 120 you should just get the 60Hz screen. Gaming with strobing at 240Hz, 144Hz, or even 100Hz is viable, with only a minor reduction in quality. Heavily depends on your tastes. . . ) Even if you can't get a solid 240 fps, as long as you're like 100+ you'll still notice a huge. Image clarity on them is still piss compared to oleds though. . The only reason why I didn't get 144hz 1440p at the time was because one monitor was $500- more than I paid for two. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. . Similarly, going from 144Hz to 240Hz is noticeable but not as impactful as jumping from 60Hz to 240Hz or 360Hz. . I use 3440x1440 144hz with 3070, and im very happy :). If you play competitive or online games where the amount of time it takes to respond is essential, 144Hz or 240Hz is the best option. . met_scrip_pic new hampshire craigslist cars and trucks by owner.

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